Critical Questions For Your Wholesale Sign Provider or Outsource Partner

The wholesale sign industry can be difficult to navigate.  From the fabricator in a backyard shed to the largest manufacturers in the sign industry, you should always know who you are buying from and what you are buying.  As a retailer, I’ve met them all and today we compete for the same market share and projects across the nation.   While there are many of us wholesalers doing things right, there are just as many doing things that could compromise your business and client relationships.  Below, I will hit on a few critical questions you should always ask your supplier.

Are They UL Listed?

Every electrical sign manufacturer should have it and substitutes are not your friend. UL is recognized globally and alternative listings will cause permitting delays.  Failing to have your signs UL listed can cause financial burdens in the event the sign is not certified.  Should you install a sign without it you may be subject to on-site certification by a UL inspector and re-certification will require you to remove the sign entirely.  Insist on UL and you will always be protected.

Do They Have A Written Warranty?

Warranty coverage is critical in our industry.  It’s here to protect you from out-of-pocket expenses after the initial installation.  Cut corners, cost-cutting measures and overloading can seriously diminish the life cycle of an electrical sign.  Make sure that your provider is using name brand components and materials such as 3M vinyls and premium LED modules.  If your provider is using these products they will most likely back your sign with a written warranty.

Do They Include Freight In Their Quote?

All too often I here about competitors not including freight in their quotes.  While freight quotes vary daily, your provider should include a freight estimate in every bid.  This includes proper crating and expediting services to get your sign delivered to your door on time.  Many suppliers will deliver if you are in close proximity at no charge, but if you require freight you need to have a general idea of what the cost will be.  If they are not providing this at the time of bid, you may find yourself in a hostage-like situation.

Better Together.

Suncoast Wholesale Signs we provide all of the above to every client on every project.  We deliver within a two hour proximity of our Sarasota based manufacturing facility and have very competitive rates on all of our freight options.  Our staff and extensive sign experience protects you from quote to post-installation repairs.  We are here to be your partners.  Better together!

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